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Yu Jiaolong

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Budawang's father looked at her with a slightly surprised look, only to feel that the beautiful bird flying in front of him was not a pheasant, but a phoenix. He also saw a kind of brilliance that made him feel awe-inspiring from the bright eyes of Yujiaolong. He compared her to Damme and couldn't find any resemblance between them. For a moment, he even suspected that the woman standing in front of him was not a flower fairy? Budawang's father looked at him for a long time before he said to himself, "I hope Damei likes your heart, not your beauty!" With that, she stroked her chest with her hand, lowered her eyes, and blessed her, saying, "May Miss Chun have a good life without any disaster." Then he turned around and walked to the depths of the prairie. Standing aside, Luo Xiaohu, when he heard Budawang's father calling out the three words "Spring Girl", was stunned and looked at Yujiaolong alertly. When Budawang's father walked away, he asked, "Why did you change your surname to Chun?" Yujiaolong gave him an angry look and said, "You are only allowed to use a pseudonym, but I am not allowed to change my surname!" Luo Xiaohu could not help laughing, but the laughter was suddenly interrupted as soon as it came out. Yujiaolong saw him covering his chest with his hands, his lips closed tightly, and his face turned pale. Knowing that he was causing pain, Yujiaolong hurried forward to support him and scolded him with deep love, saying, "It's not my own pain!"! Come on,chrome washing machine, let me take care of you. Luo Xiaohu frowned slightly, pushed Yujiaolong away and walked to the tent. Yujiaolong stayed there alone, she felt a sense of grievance, as she felt a sense of anger gradually rising from her heart, but in her ears immediately sounded the mother's teaching of "at home from the father, married from the husband, the husband died from the son", a red face,mineral flotation, the anger immediately disappeared. When she saw Luo Xiaohu's slightly hobbling figure hidden in the tent, she gritted her teeth and flew after him. Luo Xiaohu reclined on the blanket, looking a little tired. Yujiaolong squatted down and snuggled up to him. "Does it hurt a lot?" She asked softly. Luo Xiaohu did not hum, only stretched out his thick palm and patted her gently. "I didn't mean to," said Yujiaolong with great regret. Really, I didn't mean to. Luo Xiaohu smiled and said, "I am too careless, and you are too cruel." Yu Jiaolong felt extremely aggrieved and said, "It's not that I'm cruel, but that I'm so confused that I have no idea. I don't want to miss." As she spoke, she could not help crying in a low voice. Luo Xiaohu sat up, hugged Yujiaolong in his arms, wiped away her tears, looked at her and blinked, and the eyes she was familiar with with a mocking look appeared again. Yujiaolong could not help smiling through tears and buried his head in Luo Xiaohu's arms. So after a long time, suddenly outside the tent came a long horse neigh, Yujiaolong suddenly stood up, Portable gold trommel ,tin beneficiation plant, alert to listen to the outside movement. Luo Xiaohu wanted to laugh out loud, but he held back. This is my horse barking, and he wants to gallop again! There is heroism and sadness in his voice. With that, he went out of the tent again. After a while, Yu Jiaolong heard Luo Xiaohu shouting outside the tent: "Hey, come out for breakfast." Yujiaolong frowned and felt some disgust in her heart. She thought to herself, 'Hello!' How is that decent?! It's really the nature of the village, and no one has ever called me that! Although she was unhappy, she went out. Luo Xiaohu had taken out his dry food from the saddle, including wheat cakes, potatoes, mutton, and a bag of half-dried raisins. He laid these out on the grass, and sat himself cross-legged, with his hands on his knees, as if he were waiting for a distinguished guest, in a pious manner. This is completely different from the party that Yujiaolong saw on the hillside lawn that night. The unhappiness she had just felt in her heart soon disappeared again. She came over and sat down facing Luo Xiaohu. Only then did she feel that she was really hungry, so she began to eat with relish. The sun has risen over the edge of the prairie. There was a layer of mist on the prairie floor, which looked like a boundless sea of clouds. The two horses grazing freely not far away seemed to be standing on the clouds. The scenery was really wonderful. After a while, the fog dispersed and revealed a vast grassland again. Although there is a rising sun in the east, the four fields are still grey and boundless. At this time, Yujiaolong has no feeling of loneliness, two or three days ago, in the night forest, walking alone at the foot of the mountain, eager to see people, close to the crowd, but here and now she has no feeling at all. Strangely enough, she was afraid to see the smoke, for fear that someone would break in. She was willing to sit beside Luo Xiaohu for a lifetime until she grew old. Luo Xiaohu lay on the grass and closed his eyes leisurely. Yujiaolong silently pulled up the grass to play. Luo Xiaohu suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the sky and asked her, "What if I was stabbed to death by you last night?" Yujiaolong picked up a handful of sand from the ground where the grass had been pulled and said half jokingly and half seriously, "I'll bury you here." At the same time, the sand fell on Luo Xiaohu's body. Then he said, "I will bury you with my own hands, and then I will observe filial piety for you." After saying this, her eyes filled with tears. Luo Xiaohu also said half jokingly and half seriously: "I will drag you to the underworld to be husband and wife." With these words, he reached out and dragged her to his side. Yujiaolong blushed, broke away from his hand, sat up, looked around, and said, "How decent it is in broad daylight!" Luo Xiaohu does not care to say: "I dare assert, there is nobody within ten miles around here." Yujiaolong said with a straight face, "There is green in the sky, and there is land in the world. How can you be indecent?" Her dignified manner made her suddenly turn into Yufu Ganjin again. There was an unbearable silence, and in this short moment, although their bodies were still so close, they felt distant. Yu Jiaolong smoothed her hair with her hands and said, "Who did you learn martial arts from?" Luo Xiaohu says carelessly: "Do not have time to learn from who only, beg a bit only." Yujiaolong: "No wonder your swordsmanship is out of order. You can't see the way or the way.". If you can learn a few sets of superb knife skills, plus your arm strength, you can be like Huo Qubing said,tin beneficiation plant, 'with three thousand fighters across the world'. Luo Xiaohu said in a contemptuous tone: "Who is Huo Mou?"? No one in Jianghu has ever mentioned him! I only need three hundred fighters to run amuck. Yujiaolong almost laughed out loud, but reluctantly held back, tightly floating to the heart is a trace of embarrassment and shame.

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